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belated birthday post ahhh Playzone is done

OKAY SO! This is a little late for Yaracchi's birthday, sad :( BUT!

Last time we had YaraRyo's second round of stage photosets, but nobody else's.

This time, we have:

Nakayama Yuma (sets 3, 25 & 26)
Koshioka Yuki (sets 27 & 28)
Tatsumi Yudai (sets 29 & 30)
Fukuda Yuta (sets 31 & 32)
Matsuzaki Yusuke (sets 33 & 34)
Hayashi Shota (sets 37 & 38)
Eda Tsuyoshi (sets 39 & 40)
Ikeda Yu (sets 41 & 42)
Matsumoto Kouta (sets 12, 43 & 44)

Yuma and Kouta's extra set (the lower numbers) were from the first round of stage photosets - you may remember that Kouta's were sold out when I went because it was his birthday. That is now rectified.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 00.48.59
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14ppz01- 13
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As I'm sure you will appreciate, at ¥600 per photoset it's stupidly expensive to keep doing this for 10+ people for every round of photos that they release for a butai, or ¥500 per photo for the larger stage photos that they release for SHOCK. Even though PZ in Nissay is over, it happens every time there's a butai... and I just can't afford to keep doing it any more. Partly I felt as though I had to, since nobody else in the western fandom publicly shares dance family scans, but honestly that's a pretty stupid reason to keep up the habit since it's not exactly like I get paid to do this. I've supported the dance family as much as possible over the last 3 years, but from now on I'm going to reel back to regularly scanning just Yaracchi and Ryota, and possibly a few other people but not regularly, and with no guarantees. Since I love the dance family very much I sincerely hope that somebody else will try to share more in the future. If (if,) there was anyone out there counting on me for scans of 4U, They's H&E, "MAD" or MADE, I'm very sorry, I can't do that any more.

As always, no credit, no claiming credit, please support the dance family. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Endless SHOCK is nearly upon us! Please watch out for scans of Yaracchi and Ryota's stage photos as of next weekend :D
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In my next life I will be a bajillionaire

On Friday the 2nd round of stage photosets was released at Nissay Theatre! Each cast member got two sets each, bringing everyone up to a total of four sets so far (one original and three stage sets apiece).

I couldn't get more than Yaracchi and Ryota's today and was super in a rush so didn't have the chance to check the numbers for each cast member (although tbh you can probably work it out yourselves since they're in the same order as the last round). Therefore, in this post are only the sets numbered 23 and 24 (Yaracchi), and 35 and 36 (Ryota). My apologies.

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The others will come... after payday 8D As will a report, eventually, if I ever get around to it.

As usual: the photo sets will be available at Nissay Theatre while Playzone is running! Please buy them if you can!

No credit please, no taking the credit, spread the love etc. ♥

P.S. I think I need to start organising my public post tags a little better. Like, by butai or something, idk.
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Yuma's coming-of-age :D

The 13th is over here now but in my head it's still Monday, and Yuma and Kouta's birthdays! Yuma in particular turned 20, which as you know is a very important year in Japan because it's the year you officially become an adult :D Congratulations to both Yuma and Kouta on their birthdays ♥

Today (Monday 13th), the first round of stage photosets went on sale at Nissay. These were numbered 1-20, thus:

No.01 - Imai Tsubasa
No.02 - Yara Tomoyuki
No.03 - Nakayama Yuma
No.04 - Koshioka Yuki
No.05 - Tatsumi Yudai
No.06 - Fukuda Yuta
No.07 - Matsuzaki Yusuke
No.08 - Yamamoto Ryota
No.09 - Hayashi Shota
No.10 - Eda Tsuyoshi
No.11 - Ikeda Yu

No.12 - Matsumoto Kouta
No.13 - Kawashima Noeru
No.14 - Morita Myuto
No.15 - Nakada Hiroki
No.16 - Shimekake Ryuya
No.17 - Nakamura Kaito
No.18 - Yoshizawa Shizuya
No.19 - Kajiyama Asahi
No.20 - Abe Aran

bolded members' photos can be found Collapse )

You may have noticed that the dance family's birthday boy, Kouta, is not included in the bolded part of this list. This is not out of spite! Thanks to it being his birthday, his stage photoset sold out today :D There will be more printed, but I won't be able to get them until next week. I'm sorry for that; please have patience T_T

Additionally, in this post you may recall me contemplating getting Yuma and TraJa anigumi's original photosets... Well, Collapse ) - Yuma, Noeru, Myuto, Hiroki and Ryuya's sets are now here and have also been added to the previous post just to keep things in one place.

Once more,

The stage photo sets went on-sale today! They will be available at Nissay Theatre while Playzone is running! Please buy them if you can!

No credit please, no taking the credit, spread the love etc. ♥
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Congratulations on PZ shonichi, guys :D

So here we have, in record time, scans of the original photosets for the Playzone in Nissay January 2014 run! Woo!

PZ14 photoset file

This screenshot is just an example; there are 40 photos total (4 per member, as usual). Nissay do things a little differently to Aoyama, so instead of numbers for PZ this time, the original photosets have letters. They run thus:

set A - Imai Tsubasa
set B - Yara Tomoyuki
set C - Nakayama Yuma
set D - Koshioka Yuki
set E - Tatsumi Yudai
set F - Fukuda Yuta
set G - Matsuzaki Yusuke
set H - Yamamoto Ryota
set I - Hayashi Shota
set J - Eda Tsuyoshi
set K - Ikeda Yu
set L - Matsumoto Kouta

set M - Kawashima Noeru
set N - Morita Myuto
set O - Nakada Hiroki
set P - Shimekake Ryuya

set Q - Nakamura Kaito
set R - Yoshizawa Shizuya
set S - Kajiyama Asahi
set T - Abe Aran

bolded members' photos can be found Collapse )

Sorry for the lack of TraJa and Yuma :( I'm thinking of maybe getting Yuma's and TraJa's anigumi, but... not sure yet.

italicised members' photos can be found Collapse ) :3

These went on-sale today! They will be available at Nissay Theatre while Playzone is running! Please buy them if you can!

As usual, no credit please, no taking the credit, spread the love etc. ♥
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Happy New Yara! (PZ round 2 & Another)

Happy new year, everyone :3 There was so much Yaracchi at Countdown this year, did y'all watch it by now? I didn't see it live, just on TV (was at KinKi con instead, where 4U were backing ♥). I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you all! Don't forget Yaracchi and the rest of the dance family (sans MADE) will be in PLAYZONE in NISSAY from January 6th, and then Yaracchi, 4U and Ryota will be in Endless SHOCK from February 4th! Please support Yaracchi and the rest of the dance family as much as possible in 2014 too :D

Speaking of the dance family... I come bearing scans! I meant to do these ages ago, but. Remember when I said that we had fewer photos per member for Playzone shop photos for '13? And then a few days later they went and released the same amount all over again and I couldn't afford most of them? Yeah, lol. Anyway, way later than intended, here are things...

...from the (second release of) PLAYZONE'13 shop photos,
Yaracchi [20]
Ryota [15]
misc [5] (Hiroki&Noeru; Ryota&Kosshi; "MAD"; Myuto; Yara4UThey)
Collapse )

...and from the ANOTHER shop photos,
Kouta [2]
Edachan [2]
Shota [2]
Iketan [1]
Ryuya [2]
Hiroki [2]
Noeru [2]
Yasuken [1]
misc [6] (Iketan&Ryuya&Edachan&Hiroki; Shota&Noeru; Edachan&Yuma; Yasuken&Hiroki; Hiroki&Noeru; Iketan&Edachan)
Collapse )

Obviously I didn't quite get everything, but I hope it'll be enough for now. Since the Nissay PZ starts really soon there will be new photos out argh the cycle never endsssssssssss neeeeeeeverrrrrrrr eeeeeeeeennnnndssssssssss. P.S. can I ship Noeru and Hiroki, is that okay? They are adorable idk. Tell me if there are any problems with any of the files.

As usual, no credit please but no taking the credit for yourself either. Share! BUY! Enjoy :D Comment?

(RL post to come uh soonish I guess)
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Wings of words, breeze of music... 言葉は翼、音楽は風...


This show is fantastic. I really, really like it. I cannot at all explain the plot without getting hopelessly tangled because a) I don't fully understand it yet and b) it's genuinely complicated anyway, most of my friends also aren't sure about a bunch of stuff (lol). Basically, there's 1970s NY, Eddie (Yaracchi) and Peter (Nakagawa-san) trying to create a musical, their friend Nick, the mafia, fictional characters who may or may not be real and who don't always listen to their script-writer (Eddie)'s instructions, a muse with a weird accent and star potential, asian roommates, and lots of awesome singing... and so on.

I love it T__T I was super apprehensive, because that is apparently how I get about things (remember how I was for Playzone this year too?) but I... really enjoyed it a lot, like, Yaracchi aside it's a really interesting and enjoyable show and then you add Yaracchi to the already-awesome cast and I'm basically sold for life.

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PZ'13 shop photos

A ton of Playzone offshot shop photos were released on Monday (2013 September 9th). Way earlier than last year! Which I'm glad about, because 'I want PZ shop photos' was pretty much my daily chant last autumn :x Everyone got fewer photos than last year, too... Oh well, anyway!

The new release includes...

30(?) group/mixed
25 Imai Tsubasa
20 Yara Tomoyuki
20 Nakayama Yuma
15 Fukuda Yuta
15 Koshioka Yuki
15 Tatsumi Yudai
15 Matsuzaki Yusuke
15 Yamamoto Ryota
15 Eda Tsuyoshi
15 Hayashi Shota
10 Ikeda Yu
10 Matsumoto Kouta

10 Kawashima Noeru
10 Shimekake Ryuya
10 Morita Myuto
10 Nakada Hiroki
10 Yoshizawa Shizuya
10 Nakamura Kaito
10 Kajiyama Asahi
10 Abe Aran

Right now they have their own section in the Johnnys Shop, 'PlayZone' instead of just mixed in with the rest of Jrs or whatever.

Collapse )

btw, I'm sick atm so I gave up on editing dust off scans after a while. If there are any glaring problems (remember that time one of Iketan's pictures got chopped in half? ;; oops) please let me know, otherwise...

Flaily comments are better than credit! :D
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[scans] //finally//

A massive thanks to Sheryl for helping me edit things, to Becky for offering to help, and to TL for routinely listening to me whine about all the bloody pictures ♥

All at 300dpi, scans of...

☆ Shock 2013 Tokyo & Fukuoka stage photos (Yaracchi, 4U., Ryota, Kishi)
☆ Shock 2013 pamphlet offshot shop photos (Yaracchi, Yara+Koichi)
☆ Shock 2013 backstage shop photos (Yaracchi, 4U., Ryota, Kishi)
☆ Johnnys Ginza Live House 2013 backstage shop photos (YaraThey, 4U., "MAD")
☆ Johnnys Ginza Live House 2013 live shop photos (YaraThey)
☆ Playzone 2013 stickers (Yaracchi, TheyBudou, 4U., "MAD")
☆ Playzone 2013 photo sets (Yaracchi, Yuma, TheyBudou, 4U., "MAD")
☆ misc. stage photos (Yaracchi, from DB07 and one old Shock)

Collapse )

I started scanning these once back in March or something - the Shock ones - and then my laptop died. After that, I had no time, and even less motivation. It's been over two years since I started sharing Playzone stuff, and much longer than that since I started scanning things in general. I'm really grateful to the handful of people who regularly comment when they take files - NOT because I want gratitude or anything like that, but because the whole reason I scan things is because I want other people to like these boys too. I want other people to enjoy them and maybe, hopefully feel like "ah yes, I want to buy their photos/magazines and support them too". I don't ask for credit, I don't even ask for acknowledgement despite the stupid amount of time and money that goes into providing shit for fandom. All I hope to get in response is some kind of feedback, be it flail about your favourite or laughing at Ryota or Yaracchi's hairstyles or anything. If I wanted to receive zero response I could just not bother scanning at all.

In my case, that means I'd really appreciate it if you'd comment or actually @ me on twitter (rather than just tweeting to the open air on the off-chance that I might see it). Getting fewer and fewer comments each time is pretty demotivating, especially when I know people are still downloading and looking at things. Dance family fans, do you even exist? Am I scanning things in vain? Should I just give up and keep the photos to myself and the people irl? I'm not trying to threaten I won't scan things any more if you don't comment!!1!, I'm just trying to explain how discouraging it is to continually try to initiate some kind of interaction and be met with near-silence every single time. I know other file-sharers and the like have similar experiences (unless they fileshare for very popular idols, but even then I know commenting has taken a definite nosedive in recent years). What little incentive there ever was is decreasing with every passing year - and then people wonder why sources die out.

I don't mean just this post, I mean... in general. File sharers aren't paid to share files in this fandom; they're people too, people who put in time, money and effort to try to spread the love for people they also like. It's beginning to ('beginning to') feel as though the world at large is choosing to ignore that.

Anyway, tl;dr over. Let me know if there are any problems with either the scans or the files themselves!
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Playzone billboard pictures

I'm sure y'all have seen them all already, but here are pictures of the Playzone poster in Nogizaka. Click to enlarge.

Collapse )

Also, Gravity DVD poster at Harajuku JR station:

P.S. I forgot to say this yesterday, but the other week I was contemplating an AU in which Tama was an F1 racing driver and Miyata was a pit engineer, and then this week Dream Boys Jet was announced. Screw you, Johnnys, for stealing my fic ideas e_e
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Playzone'13 track list

via a twitter user, from a poster at the Family Club. Dumping everything here on my LJ because I'm not at home rn (as usual...)

PLAYZONE’13 SONG&DANC’N。PART III。Original Soundtrack - track list

2. 仮面舞踏会 (kamen butoukai - originally Shonentai)
3. ケジメなさい (kejimenasai - originally Matchy)
4. ハッとして!Good (hattoshite!Good - originally Tahara Toshihiko)
5. 100%そうかもね (100% sou... ka mo ne - originally Shibugakitai)
6. LOVE YOU ONLY (originally TOKIO)
7. よく遊びよく学べ (yoku asobi yoku manabe - originally NYC)
8. どうしようもない (doushiyou mo nai - originally Tahara Toshihiko)
9. 愛革命 (ai kakumei - originally Tackey)
10. まいったネ今夜 (maitta ne konya - originally Shonentai)
11. STAR LIGHT (originally Hikaru GENJI)
12. パラダイス銀河 (paradise ginga - originally Hikaru GENJI)
13. アンダルシアに憧れて (andalucia ni akogarete - considered to be Matchy's :P)
14. 情熱の一夜 (jounetsu no ichiya - originally Shonentai)
15. 青春アミーゴ (seishun amigo - originally Shuji to Akira)
16. HONEY BEAT (originally V6)
17. ズッコケ男道 (zukkoke otokomichi - originally Kanjani8)
18. 青いイナズマ (aoi inazuma - originally SMAP)
19. 水の帰る場所 (mizu no kaeru basho - originally Nakayama Yuma)
20. フラワー (flower - originally KinKi Kids)
21. お祭り忍者 (omatsuri ninja - originally Ninja)
22. A・RA・SHI (originally Arashi)
23. 星屑のスパンコール (hoshikuzu no spangle - originally Shonentai)
25. Liar (instrumental)

A Playzone full of cover songs, huh...

Let's buy it!
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