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originally written: 2009/08/23; updated: 2011/12/18

This has turned from 'brief Ueda introduction post for an LJ friend' to 'actual pimp post' and oh god, there is so much here. Hello! There is plenty more I have not included here so please don't expect this to be wholly comprehensive.

Beginner's Guide to Loving
Ueda Tatsuya

So let's start from the beginning!

He's 上田竜也 - Ueda Tatsuya (or Tatsuya Ueda); also known as Uebo, Uepi, Uepomu [Pomu], Uepon, Roba, Uepyon, Romeo, Tat-chan [Tachan, Tacchan] - pick your nickname of choice!

He was born in Kanagawa, 4th October 1983 which makes him a water pig according the the Chinese zodiac, and a Libra according to the Roman/Greek one. His blood-type is B. Use this knowledge wisely. 8|

Ueda-papa's job meant that the family had to move around quite a bit during Tacchan's childhood. He spent some time living in Okinawa, went to elementary and middle school in Saitama, high school in Tokyo, and has basically moved around a lot. His parents are rumoured to be very rich, but because his father was out at work a lot, his mother was the main disciplinarian in the house.

At school, Tacchan had additional lessons every day after school - calligraphy, abacus, swimming, painting, English, cram school, piano - and as such had little to no free time. He used to be envious of the other kids who had time to go and do other things. If he got marks that his parents considered 'too low' he would be slapped across the face (and the same for his older sister, too). When he got 'poor' grades too frequently, his parents left him in the mountains in a bid to teach him a lesson.

In 1998 Tacchan's mother submitted an application to Johnny's and in June that year Tacchan went to audition. He had close-cut/shaved (ボウズ bouzu) hair and reports that Johnny-san said to him "bald is good". Tacchan joined Johnny's around 22nd June 1998 and was placed in different groups - B.B.A. (Boys Be Ambitious, October 1998), B.B.D. (Best Beat Dancing, Spring 2000), and M.A.D. (Musical Academy Dancing, end of 2000) - before being chosen to join Domoto Koichi's group of backdancers called KAT-TUN in early 2001. He was originally KAT-TUN's 'Leader' (Kamenashi in particular used to call him 俺のリーダー; my Leader, and he was also nicknamed 'Captain U') but since rejected that role and now, whenever asked, KAT-TUN will insist that they have no main spokesperson.

- Tacchan's sister was a dentist's assistant (although she recently got married and I don't know whether or not she decided to keep her job) and while his parents' occupations are currently unknown, we do know that his grandmother was a master of the Tea Ceremony and Tacchan was also taught the Tea Ceremony when he was younger.

- Tacchan has always liked dogs and seems to be allergic to cats, although this doesn't stop him owning two of them. Two of his dogs are named Eri and Tia, and another dog lives at his parents' house (a golden retriever named Aero). Tacchan has 6 dogs and 2 cats in total, although it is unclear just how many animals live at Tacchan's house or at his parents'. The Ueda family reeeeeeally likes golden retrievers.

- He has been quoted as saying that his first CD purchase was Judy & Mary's そばかす (sobakasu, of Rurouni Kenshin fame [2006]), although recently [2010] he said it was SIAM SHADE’s 1/3の純情な感情 (1/3 no junjou na kanjou). He also really loves ZARD's My Friend and BAAD's 君が好きだと叫びたい (kimi ga suki dato sakebitai; both themes from the Slam Dunk anime).

- He suffers from hayfever/pollen allergies in the spring.

- When he was younger, he would punch the walls in his room when he was angry but then have to cover up the holes left in the plasterboard. Don't let this fool you into thinking he's super-violent, though!

- He is super-messy and his room is aaaaaalways untidy.

- During one cartoon KAT-TUN episode in 2007, Tacchan infamously mentioned his automatic reaction to look at a woman's breasts, regardless of their age. Tacchan is very fond of 'his women' (his fans) but is not touchy-feely with the other members and is very good at deliberately avoiding fanservice-y type touching!

- He doesn't like being alone and gets lonely if nobody is around.

- People often say they are surprised by how friendly and talkative he can be, since he seems the quiet type and often observes people rather than taking part. On talk shows he's often slow to 'warm up' but then chats away~

- He often has the television on at home as background noise, often on the anime channel (he reads manga more than other types of books). Sometimes when he feels lazy, he lies on the floor in front of the television.

- He likes to have a bath in the morning, because his face feels 'sticky' if he can't have one.

- He's repeatedly mentioned having difficulty in getting to sleep, particularly in an unfamiliar bed or while travelling.

- Tacchan loves long phone conversations and has been known to talk for hours at a time…

- …although he's also frequently losing his cellphone, and his glasses too.

- He bought his first car before he could drive, but by 2007 it was already 'broken' (cause of death unknown).

- He only bought a home computer recently and had to get Nakamaru to fix his internet for him because he plugged the cables in wrongly. He has, at least, progressed from using a portable CD player to an iPod, and in 2010 he even purchased a video camera!(!!)

- In 2006 he was given the opportunity to learn kickboxing and has trained rigorously ever since. His tenacity and stoicism is something the other members often mention when talking about him.

- On 2010/08/27 as a normal part of his solo act at the KAT-TUN concerts in Taiwan, he jumped down between two staging areas (approx. 3m in total). He landed awkwardly and fractured bones in his foot, but continued his performance and was able to make his own way backstage before getting assistance from the staff there. He has since made a full recovery.

- In order to gain stamina for his boxing, Tacchan regularly ran 10km every day as well as attending the gym for training sessions. Even with a broken toe and injured foot he still ran 5km (!) ostensibly as 'rehab' - except it was without first seeking advice, and he was subsequently scolded by his doctor.

- He really, really loves food - especially sweet things (milk crepe, gummy candies…) but he exercises so much that it burns right off him @-@;

Ueda's 'phases' are somewhat legendary in KAT-TUN fandom; some more than others. When he joined Johnny's, Tacchan really loved basketball and in the 2000 mini drama series kowai nichiyoubi (Scary Sunday) he played a basketball-playing student.

In the few years before he was officially made a member of KAT-TUN, Tacchan was shuffled around in various junior groups. He has worked with Fujigaya Taisuke (now Kis-My-Ft2) and Fukuda Yuta (now ふぉーゆー/4U.) amongst others!

In 2000-2001 he was really taken with Imai Tsubasa's dance style and wanted to imitate him before realising that he couldn't dance like Tsubasa, he could only dance like himself. (Jin once said Tacchan dances like a stick. I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not this is true.)

From mid-2002 to early-2004 Tacchan had short blond hair and frequently wore blue contacts and silver accessories not dissimilar to well-known musician GACKT. Tacchan now finds this phase hilarious as do we.

In 2004 he let his hair grow longer and darker, and began his infamous 'I see fairies' phase wherein he would stare into the distance/not pay attention and then, when queried, would claim that he was looking at a fairy.

… He managed to keep this up for almost a year and even convinced the rest of KAT-TUN that he could see them, before confessing that it was a fabrication.

I'm pretty sure most people know about KAT-TUN's CD single début on the 22nd March 2006, right? He was in more of a 'rocker' phase by then' late-2005 to mid-2006 had quite a 'visual' feel to them in Tacchan-land ^^

In 2010, he went for the 'cute' style with MAXIMUM EFFECT:

...and now in 2011 he's heading for the manly look, with his buzz-cut:

How to identify your Ueda

He has terrible eyesight and either wears glasses or (more frequently) contacts

There is a mole on his right collarbone

He used to have gaps between his teeth, but got them fixed (SAD.)

U-fans tend to really like his nose and the rest of him, obviously

Underneath those girly-looking shirts he wears are Abs Of Doom

He's usually the one without any shoes on

He broke the little finger of his right hand (in a basketball accident?) and as a result he can't bend or straighten it properly

His hands are calloused from his boxing training

Lately, he's the KAT-TUN member rockin' the bouzu look!

Music corner, Ueda and SPIN

Tacchan writes his own songs and even composes the music to many of them. He plays the guitar and the piano, and has played both instruments onstage as part of KAT-TUN. One of the MousePeace band members also recently taught him how to play the violin a little. Tacchan's own songs are as follows (* denotes CD recorded version available):

- * Butterfly (duet; co-written and performed with Akanishi Jin)
- Deep red drop
- Dictator
- friends
- * Lost
- Love in Snow
- Marie Antoinette
- Pieces
- * Rabbit or Wolf?
- Sparking
- teen's
- Time
- * 愛の華 (ai no hana)
- * 花の舞う街 (hana no mau machi)
- 腹ペコマン (hara pekoman)
- 遥か未来へ (haruka mirai e)
- カキゴオリ (kakigoori)
- * ニートまん (NEETman)
- 育ち島 (sodachi shima)
- ヤンキー方想い中♡ (yankee kata omoi chuu♡)

He, like every Johnny's Junior ever, also sang other senpai songs and group songs in junior concerts and on Shounen Club.

There's a longstanding rumour that Tacchan sometimes writes under the pen name of SPIN, although this has never been substantiated and is most likely untrue.

Solo activities

In 2008, it was announced that Tacchan was to give a series of solo concerts, titled MousePeace 2008 and held at Johnny's Theater over the course of September 2008. Tacchan personally auditioned and selected the members of his band - MousePeace - who would support him. The concerts were a great success and Tacchan really enjoyed being able to have full control over the conditions, songs and lighting for his show. (Fanmade audio from the MP08 shows are available on captain_u)

In March-April 2009, Tacchan completed his first stage-acting role; that of Shakespeare's Romeo opposite Kobayashi Ryoko as Juliet. As part of his preliminary work he visited England, going to London and to Stratford-Upon-Avon in order to learn more about Shakespeare's life.

Shortly after that, a television drama role came up for Tacchan: Fuji TV aired Konkatsu! (婚カツ!or Marriage Hunting!) and Tacchan played the (small) role of Amamiya Kuniyasu, the younger brother of SMAP's Nakai Masahiro playing the lead role of Amamiya Kuniyuki. The drama was fairly slow-paced and did not rate very highly, but this did not stop Tacchan winning a TVNavi Magazine Award for Best Newcomer Actor in the Summer 2009 drama season. Konkatsu! is available subbed on d-addicts; again, check out captain_u for related links.

In June 2010 it was announced that Tacchan's MousePeace solo concert would have a revival, this time as an arena tour accompanied by Johnny's band FiVe as well as other MousePeace members under the (lengthy) official title of MOUSEPEACE uniting with FIVE TATSUYA UEDA LIVE 2010. For MousePeace2008 Tacchan had three months to prepare; this time, only a month and a half, during touring time with KAT-TUN. Sadly, FiVe are disbanding at the end of 2011. We hope that MousePeace will be able to meet again in the future! (Fanmade audio from the MP+5 shows are available on captain_u)

September 2011 brought more news! Tacchan shaved all his hair off to play the role of 25-year-old Takimoto Kuuya, an ex-host and convict in the drama Runaway ~ai suru kimi no tame ni. Not the lead role, but a significant improvement on the bit-part he played in Konkatsu!! The drama started airing at the end of October 2011, and Tacchan has thrown himself into playing Kuuya's role very seriously.

Other people

Within KAT-TUN:

K : Kamenashi says that Tacchan tries to accommodate his needs too much (…) but frequently looks out for Tacchan and defends him to other people. Kamenashi is fond of how Tacchan looks out for other people despite not being overly affectionate. Tacchan said that when he first met Kame, his only thought was that he had a weird name(!) but they both respect each other's childish and mature sides. Kame and Tacchan were the key figures in starting KAT-TUN's infamous big fight in their 2002 summer concert.

[ex] A : Akanishi and Tacchan used to fight a lot because both of them were unafraid to share their opinions but neither of them backed down. With that said, Tacchan and Jin also got on well within the jimusho and often wrote songs together as well as having been spotted together outside work. Tacchan thinks of Jin as being a 'free' type of person, and Jin was always certain to say positive things about Tacchan in interviews.

T : Taguchi and Tacchan got on very well when they were younger. Tacchan used to try to kick Junno, who would just catch his leg and hold it up in the air so that Tacchan could only hop. They were paired together on various Utawara episodes in 2006. There are also numerous occasions where Junno and Tacchan would just sit quietly together.

T : Tanaka is younger than Tacchan but is his Johnny's senpai by a whole two days. The first time the two of them met they were about to go onstage and for reasons unknown to either of them, things escalated until they were ready to throw punches - but as soon as they stepped onstage, the anger somehow dissipated. Koki said that Tacchan used to be an enigma to him, always so much in his own world - and that made Koki really annoyed! However, Koki always supports Tacchan and was the first member of KAT-TUN to attend Tacchan's 2010 solo concerts. Koki also stayed behind in order to fly to Korea with him so that Tacchan didn't have to fly alone. Recently, Koki is deeply enamoured of Tacchan's fuzzy bouzu haircut.

N : Nakamaru was in junior groups with Tacchan prior to KAT-TUN's formation and they have been good friends for many years; they used to walk home from high school together. They also go shopping together, eat out together and spend other free time in each other's company, sometimes going on trips together. They also have no problem with teasing each other on their radio show R-One KAT-TUN (which is great fun to listen to), and they have both attended each others' solo events.

Outside KAT-TUN:

- Mouse Peace guitarist Masami (also in band 'The Birdman' and occasional member of band 'Scar.') rejoined him for the 2010 solo tour. He sometimes mentions Tacchan in his blog, and considers Tacchan one of his best friends.

- In 2004, on Johnny's variety show Shounen Club, Kanjani8/NEWS member Nishikido Ryo was scripted to say unkind things to Tacchan. He since admitted that he went too far and didn't mean to be as hurtful as he was. Tacchan and Nishikido have since both said that there is no animosity between the two of them. When KAT-TUN made a guest appearance at a Kanjani8 concert in November 2004 Ryo called Tacchan over and put his arm around Tacchan's shoulders.

- Tacchan has exchanged Wink Up messageboard messages with Domoto Koichi, Nakai Masahiro, Aiba Masaki, Ohkura Tadayoshi, Maruyama Ryuhei, Uesato Ryota and Kikuoka Masahiro, amongst others. There is a trend here for him to get on well with people from Osaka/the kanju (Kansai Juniors).

- Johnny's Junior member Sakuma Daisuke (group: Mis Snow Man) really admires Tacchan's fashion sense and looks up to him!

- The comedian trio Robert are also friends with Tacchan - one member, Yamamoto, attends the same gym.

- Prior to the release of 2010 album NO MORE PAIИ, gossip magazine Friday ran a story claiming that Kobayashi Ryoko and Tacchan were dating, although of course this has been denied by their respective agencies.

Other notes

- Ueda-mama, once so disappointed in her son's academic underachievement, used to hold get-togethers for the other KAT-TUN members' parents, and NEWS idol Yamashita sent Tacchan a message on the Wink Up messageboard saying that his mother and Ueda-mama had been dog-walking together. Tacchan's parents are very proud of his success, although right until KAT-TUN's début Ueda-papa was not convinced that being an idol was a good idea.

If you made it this far, thank you so very much! Please feel free to comment.

...and join captain_u or watch uedaaday~ :D

Credits for information, scans, translations etc.: たっちゃんのカケラ, 上田竜也のBOXING ROOM, snowaltz/konoaida@LJ, jone_records@LJ, SleepyUeda, daphuni@LJ, captain_u@LJ, creamy_amande@LJ, drphoenix@LJ, _rainbowtears_@LJ, mamechichii@LJ, resha_hime@LJ, tsukimichi, people at KAL and on baidu. Thank you!!

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