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[scans] YaraTheyYuma summer!PZ'14 original/offshot photo sets

I scanned these last weekend (because some of them are risakochan's sets since I couldn't buy them all) but only just managed to find time to finish editing them today. So here we are, the first photo sets from this summer's Playzone!

In today's bundle of excitement we have Yaracchi's set (B), Yuma's set (C), Ryota's set (H), HayaSho's set (I) and Eda's set (J).

[Mega & 4S]Mega & 4S

☆ As always: no credit, no claiming credit, buy the stuff!!, spread the love ♥ etc. etc. etc. Feel free to flail at me if you think they look good because I think they look really good and I want to flail (._.)
Tags: pretty picturesss, so many juniors so little time, spazzy is as spazzy does, they are awesome, yara is gold because he's perfect♥

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