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[scans] ??? magazines and Nissay!PZ offshot shop photos and stuff idk

So in true Pippa fashion, because I am home sick from work today, when I wasn't lying on my back staring at the ceiling, I was cleaning dust off scans. En route home from work today an old man actually stood up to give me his seat(!!) and also a well-intentioned elderly couple told me to ganbatte kudasai! so I guess I looked about as good as I felt? lol Anyway I have been going to hospital for rehabilitation stuff so uh, sorry to those of you to whose emails I have not yet responded, I've been sort of out of it this week tbh. T__T

Sooooooo, today's confusion is this: I found in my folders a bunch of Yuma scans from like April which apparently I never shared? Only I SWEAR I did. I must have dreamt it.
Also some recent magazines, too. Alright, let's see what today's scans post has for us...


- duet 2014.05
- Fine Boys 2014.05
- Hanako vol.1062
- Potato 2014.05
- Qlap! 2014.05
- Stage Square vol.8
- TV Fan Cross vol.10
- VoCE 2014.07
- Wink Up 2014.05
- Wink Up 2014.06
- with 2014.07

[Mega & 4S]Mega & 4S

PLAYZONE in NISSAY (Jan 2014) offshot shop photos

- Yara (complete set)
- Ryota (complete set)
- mixed, Yuma, TraJa anigumi (incomplete sets/only a couple of each)

[Mega & 4S]Mega & 4S

Haven't had the chance to fix up the others yet.

Dance family in magazines

- Stage Square vol.8 (Shock report)
- Wink Up 2014.06 (4U)
- Wink Up 2014.06 (They Budou)

[Mega & 4S]Mega & 4S

I don't want credit but I do want a new robot body that can't feel pain, will anybody give me one of those?

Or, failing that, please buy the stuff to support the boys (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:¥¥・゚¥✧¥¥¥
Tags: being ill is not fun, pretty picturesss, so many juniors so little time, this post is public, イミガワカラナーイ

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