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[scans] Dance Square vol.1 (dance family pages only)

wooh the LJ update page is all weird and big. ugh what am I even doing

So, like, I feel kind of bad about this because 「Dance SQUARE」 literally just went on-sale on the 27th for the first time ever and here I am sharing scans (._.) People please please please if you at all can buy the magazine so that they can get decent sales figures, especially for this first issue because 4U are actually really for real on the cover!! (and it's not a dokkiri after all, like Fukuchan half-suspected)...

I didn't scan the poster though, because I don't have the time/energy to stick scans together like that. 4U pages, and Yuma/Dance family Crea pages all in a .zip found below. NOTE: They Budou don't have pages for Johnnys Ginza Crea reports because of when the magazine was finalised for publication, not because of magazine discrimination.

[this way / this way]this way / this way
Also I stupidly accidentally scanned everything at 600dpi so they're way too big and I'm too sleepy to resize them, sorry.

Next scans post will include more Yuma mags, plus all the dance family Nissay!Playzone shop photos (once I get to the JShop and buy Hayashi's/the rest of Yuma's).

☆ As always: no credit, no claiming credit, buy the stuff!!, spread the love ♥ etc. Comments make me less sad and lonely; any language OK!
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