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[scans] YaraRyo Shock stage photo release 3 & 4; 4U photosets & stage photos

Yay I finally had time to scan the last round of stage photos for 2014's Endless SHOCK!!

Also, thanks to other people asking me to buy 4U photos and scan them on their behalf, we also have the remainder of the 4U photos! Kosshi's photo set and one of his stage photos can be found in this post.

SO. Today marks the end of the Endless SHOCK scans! Unless Valerie asks me to scan Kishi's photos too...

In the .zip today, we have:
- Tatsu's photo set
- Fukuchan's photo set
- Matsu's photo set
- 23 stage photos of 4U members (all releases)
- 4 stage photos of Yaracchi & Ryota (3rd and 4th releases)

All found over here.

Additionally, in case anyone was interested in Yuma's new single and things, join his comm :D

So now Tokyo SHOCK is over... What's Yaracchi going to do next? :<
Tags: for who? 4u!, pretty picturesss, spazzy is as spazzy does, too many feelings, yara is gold because he's perfect♥

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