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[scans] Shock stage photos 2nd round

All night long 僕と踊ろうよ Da-da-da-da-dance! I am in a Shock mood for serious now, Shock Shock Shock Shock Shock Shock Shock. Guys I know I always say it but SHOCK IS SO GOOD LIKE SERIOUSLY SO GOOD. I would do anything for a DVD of Yaracchi's Shock, especially now that Uchi fans finally have an Uchi version. Anyway, these are the ones for Yaracchi and Ryota that were released sometime last week. I remember a guy walking past me to take photos of Koichi last weekend, lol.

5 photos total:
- 2 Yaracchi & Koichi,
- 2 Yaracchi
- 1 Ryota


☆ As always: no credit, no claiming credit, buy the stuff, spread the love ♥ etc. Comments make me less sad and lonely :D?

edit: oh hey apparently this was my 777th journal entry. That's gotta be lucky, right? XD;
Tags: pretty picturesss, sparkles!!!!!, this post is public, too many feelings, yara is gold because he's perfect♥

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