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[scans] Shock stuff & magazines (Yaracchi, Ryota, random 4U etc.)

So I was up late last night scanning the Endless SHOCK '14 photosets and then the stage photos which were released on 2/13, and then bessatsu +act was released today and I had to scan it today too, so I dug up some of the older mags that I never scanned too, from like, PZ and pre-Shock and so on. I didn't scan some of the Koichi pages b/c I assumed Koichi-tan have already shared them. Ugh I am sick and trying really hard to get better and not worse, wish me luck.

別冊+act vol15 1cuta
(from bessatsu +act)

Endless SHOCK'14
☆ Yaracchi's clearfile
☆ Yaracchi's photoset (4 pics)
☆ Ryota's photoset (4 pics)
☆ Kosshi's photoset (4 pics)
☆ Yaracchi, Ryota & mixed stage photos (14 total) ← the numbers in the files refer to which number they are when listed at the theatre, so excuse the seeming oddness
Everything listed above in a .zip found here

+act 2013/09

+act 2013/09 .zip found here

Best Stage 2014/02

Most of the PLAYZONE & SHOCK pages in a .zip found here

Stage Square extra 2013-2014

Most of the SHOCK pages in a .zip found here

Stage Square vol.6

PLAYZONE pages in a .zip found here

TVGuide 2014/02/01-02/07 and Theatre Guide 2014/03

SHOCK stuff in a .zip found here

Bessatsu +act vol.15

All of Yaracchi's pages in a .zip found here

☆ As always: no credit, no claiming credit, buy the stuff, spread the love ♥ and maybe comment?
Tags: being ill is not fun, for who? 4u!, pretty picturesss, they are awesome, this post is public, yara is gold because he's perfect♥

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