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Sorry personal flist for a lack of real-life update - I don't have internet at home yet and have no time for anything (plus I don't have a scanner atm so can't share any of the 37 million PZ photos yet (sorry DX)) but I will as soon as I can! P.S. Playzone is awesome and Yaracchi is a wonderful idiot and 4U. are hilarious and Travis Japan are super precious and "MAD" and Hey! Guys own my heart forever and Yuma has grown up so much it's beautiful to see, and also did I mention Yaracchi? Because, ♥ so much. Also Akkun is super fun and I liked Tsubasa's solo song performances a lot more this year than last - basically, it was a success all round. Cannot wait for the DVD to share everything with y'all. ;o;

Edit: I didn't realise this hadn't ripped at 320 like normal, sorry. 320kb/s version up 8/21.

PLAYZONE`12 SONG & DANC`N。PART II。 Original Sound Track
2. 真夏の夜の花 // Manatsu no yoru no hana
3. 夢の続きで // Yume no tsuzuki de
4. ハンター // Hunter
5. ハッピーデイズ // Happy Days
6. 運命のひと // Unmei no hito
7. LPガール // LP Girl
8. 光 // Hikari
9. 終わらない時を // Owaranai toki wo
10. Mi Amor -あなたという光- // Mi Amor -anata to iu hikari-
11. マーチ!// March!
12. スシ食いねェ! // Sushi kui nee!
13. 気まぐれOne Way Boy // Kimagure One Way Boy
14. 情熱☆熱風せれなーで // Jounetsu☆neppuu serenade
15. 田原俊彦メドレー <恋=Do!~君に薔薇薔薇・・・という感じ~原宿キッス> (Instrumental) // Tahara Toshihiko medley <Koi = do! 〜 Kimi ni barabara... to iu kanji 〜 Harajuku kiss> (Instrumental)
16. Diamond
17. ヨイショッ! // Yoissho-!
18. 青春アミーゴ // Seishun amigo
19. うわさのキッス // Uwasa no kiss
20. Liar (Instrumental)

amazon | CDJapan | YesAsia

MF (credit for 320 version: misteloctober - thank you!)

Please don't hotlink or spread too far and wide, and of course please BUY the CD for preference! (shh, I know) If there are any problems I won't be able to get online for another while so, er, please let me know and be patient? D8 Take care!
Tags: carpe the hell out of the diem, fandom logic!!, oh god i am so sorry, spazzy is as spazzy does, swimmin' in the seawase, this post is public, yara is gold because he's perfect♥

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