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"I want to read a Yaracchi pimp post, Pippa," says Joo.
"You should write a Yaracchi pimp post, Pippa," says Nanami.
"...But...!" says Pippa.
"Write it!" says everyone.

Peer pressure, I am weak to it.

Things You Should Probably Know About Yaracchi
(and also a whole bunch more stuff)

屋良 朝幸 : (やら・ともゆき : Yara Tomoyuki) : Yaracchi

Born on: 1983/02/01 (age: 31)
AB blood-type.

Height: open to debate. He claimed it was 165cm for years, then was busted as being shorter, so 163cm? (Except I am not certain that's true either... 8D) His height was an issue of concern for him for a while - he stopped growing in middle school but used to drink milk every day (believing that it would help him grow). For the record: Yara is not short! His awesome is just more highly-concentrated, okay. 8|

Joined Johnnys: 1995/04/23 ← same date as both Takki and Tsubasa! This is mentioned pretty much every single time he has to do anything to do with either of them.

Birthplace: Chiba-ken. His father's side of the family are all Okinawa-bred though, and Yaracchi considers Okinawa his… spiritual home, I guess you could say. He super-loves it there and goes back whenever he can.

Units (in reverse chronological order, most recent at the top):

2007 : Butoukan (無闘冠 : temporary unit. Yara as leader, with Tsukada Ryoichi (A.B.C-Z), Hamanaka Bunichi (Veteran), Yamamoto Ryota (M.A.D. & They武道) and Senga Kento (Kis-My-Ft2).)
1999/09 : Musical Academy (current members: Machida Shingo, Yara Tomoyuki)
1997 (for the TO KYO TO autumn shows) : TOKYOhamamatsucho (TOKYO浜松町 : T{Takagi Seiichiro} - O{Omi Kazuki} - K{Kamata Jun} - Y{Yara Tomoyuki} - O{Ohno Satoshi} - 浜{Hamada Kazuo} - 松{Matsumoto Junichi} - 町{Machida Shingo})
1996 (in KinKi Kids summer concert) : YARAemonz (ヤラえもんず : Yara as leader, with Machida Shingo, Matsumoto Junichi, Ohno Satoshi and Uemura Yoshinori. This was Domoto Tsuyoshi's fault. XD)
1996 : Johnnys Sr. (2nd generation; Matsumoto Junichi, Takahashi Yuzuru, Yonehana Tsuyoshi, Machida Shingo, Yara Tomoyuki and Sakurai Sho)

Personal stuff!

Yara's first name - Tomoyuki - is pretty awesome. No, really: the first kanji - 朝 (morning, dynasty, reign, etc.) - is taken from his father's name, following their family's tradition. The second kanji - 幸 (fortune, good luck, happiness, etc.) - is from his mother's name. Yara also has an older sister, and she and Yara-mama are the reason Yaracchi is in Johnny's today! He was a super-adorable chubby-faced kid, though he's always been kind of ehh about how pretty his face is, because it was too 'pretty'-pretty, you know? When he was younger, his teeth were terrible! He had braces on his teeth and barely smiled for a couple of years (or smiled really awkwardly) because he was so conscious of showing his teeth. He'll willingly admit that his eyes are his best feature. He knows he looks good, and has this annoying habit of using it to his advantage, sigh. Anyway, chibi!Yaracchi:

He looooooves Disneyland! He used to go ALL. THE. TIME. as a kid and once thought that renting all of Disneyland would be the perfect gift for a girlfriend on her birthday (really. No, really. XD). When he was little he was a massive Ultraman fan, too (like practically every kid ever). He likes bright colours - blue, green, orange, red, etc. and likes scary movies even though they, well, scare him (no duh XD). He has a tendency to make dumb jokes with people's names. Scent has a strong effect on him - he really likes the smell of mango, and nice-smelling shampoo, fabric softener, that kind of thing. Oh, and also - he still has Goma-chan, the stuffed toy seal he had when he was a kid. He took it with him when he moved away from home, too. True love :") (source)

Yaracchi really likes reptiles and sharks! Liking sharks sort of falls into the 'scary things' category; he likes them because they're scary, like, they awe him somewhat. He has a pet corn snake - Chura (which means 'beautiful' in Okinawan ♥) and he's had her for several years now. She's getting bigger! Yara likes to have her around his neck in the summer because she's nice and cool against his skin. Chura is Yara's baby, she is a very special snake. Also in the Yara household are two small fluffy dogs (Ichigo (white, SUPER FLUFFY) and Anzu (black and white, less fluffy)) and a turtle or two, except the turtle(s? idr) didn't have names at the last count and they haven't been mentioned for ages. On the subject of animals, Yaracchi often gets compared to a cat (when he isn't being called a dancing reptile, thanks Ryota), or outright accused of being one (Music Jump 1998/05/03) - made more amusing still by the fact that he isn't a 'cat person' at all.

Another of Yara's favourite things is BEING OUTSIDE!! The SEA! Yara seriously loves the sea; in particular he loves fishing, but he also likes surfing, diving, and being by the water in general. It's healing, he says. Lots of really positive seaside energy \(^o^)/ Summer is the best season ever, as far as Yaracchi is concerned - the heat, the long days, the endless whining of cicadas, everything. Conversely, he's not good with the cold at all >_< (brrr) but this doesn't stop him going snowboarding every now and then (though he hasn't been for a while). Yaracchi loves being active - he runs, he goes cycling on his custom-made bicycle, he does yoga, etc. etc., and of course there's always dancing. Yara prefers to be outside rather than at home - he feels like he's wasting his time if he's not out doing things, so he goes out to cafés and random places on his own if there's nobody else to go with (even though he's admitted to getting lonely pretty easily). He also has a motorbike and has been out on entertaining adventures with friends every now and then XD (source). Lately, though, Yaracchi says he's getting older and doesn't have the energy to be on the go all the time like he used to. Awwh. :")

Yara also reeeeeeally likes plants. He has a monstera plant, and he has plants in his dressing room and occasionally discusses them with other Johnnys members who visit him. He's repeatedly talked about houseplants over the years and regularly takes random photos of plants and leaves and 'nature-y things' for his j-web.

Speaking of j-web, his current j-web series, ニライカナイの風 (Niraikanai no kaji in Okinawan dialect, 'The Wind of Niraikanai') is, uh. Okay, so, Niraikanai is 'another world said to be at the bottom of the sea or earth that lies in the far south-east of the ocean … the source of life, where the gods dwell … souls come and go from Niraikanai' etc. and 'in [Okinawa], they say dead relatives become your guardian angels for seven generations … Niraikanai is also where souls turn into guardian angels' (source) So, nice and modest j-web name. (More here.) Additionally, Yaracchi 'keeps a shiisaa [a legendary beast in Okinawan culture that wards off evil] in his dressing rooms and has his motto "楽勝 [rakushou] (enjoy it and win)*" up to inspire himself.' (source) A pair of shiisaa also used to guard Yaracchi's j-web front page (^^;;

So with all this Nature! Sunshine! Okinawa! everywhere, Yaracchi seems super laid-back and easy-going, right? Well, sorta. He wasn't always quite so cheerful and zen about life. Like most teenagers, Yaracchi had a period of really super not being in the mood for things, very "cynical" as he calls it. For instance, when some Juniors would give their apologies saying they couldn't work because they had exams, Yara would say the same and just spend the day doing whatever (…and would then return to work with a tan. orz). Yara and the others were kind of irritated at being 'Johnny's Senior' instead of Juniors like everybody else - it felt, to them, like they were being denied the same opportunities. 'This was a group that pretty much said whatever they felt like', said Takki (SCP 2010/06/18). On one particularly notable occasion the dance teacher got mad at everyone and told them all to go home … so Yara, to the shock of everybody, DID! …Or rather, he nearly did. He nearly quit altogether. In his annoyance and haste to leave the room he left his wallet and cellphone behind, and while he was trying to call Maachin to ask him to bring the items (using the manager's cellphone), the dance teacher came out and convinced Yara to return. 'I'm grateful to my "spirit of forgetting things"' Yara says. XD (source) That spirit of forgetting things strikes fairly frequently: he's always forgetting to take an umbrella when it rains; he's forgotten to wear his mic when going on-stage (orz - source), he leaves things behind when rehearsing and when practicing, and so on.

Yaracchi is this odd mixture; both a TOTAL KID and a thoughtful adult at the same time. He'll cheerfully tease Yamamoto Ryota mercilessly about Ryota's inability to tell the difference between Thailand and Taiwan, or trip over his own feet during rehearsals, but then he'll get serious and smack Nakamaru Yuichi for joking around about joining Butoukan (SC 2007/11/04 - okay, it's not actually a smack, but XD), or give Takizawa a 'no, for real, don't even think about laughing' look when talking seriously about dance (SC 2007/11/11). He is completely committed to wanting to put 100% effort into making the best use of his time, but a lot of that 'best use' is stuff that he really loves and finds fun, like dance and travel! He'll occasionally spend time reading books, or have periods where he's in quiet contemplation, but at other times he'll break into giggles at inopportune moments (like in the middle of TakiCHANnel videos, or on-stage during MCs), and pester his favourite kouhai for snacks backstage during a show. Yaracchi is always pushing himself (and others) to go further (no wonder he works well with Domoto Koichi). He's cheerful, independent and doesn't see the point in wasting time on any level - There's someone you like? Then tell them! There's something you want to do? Then do it! etc. So "楽勝" is his Japanese motto, but another totally relevant saying could be "carpe diem".

He's confident in that he knows what he is capable of and what he can already do, but when it's something that isn't dance his knowledge is a little... sparse. He never learned to cut his nails so would always bite them off (ACK!), and until very recently he didn't even know that 手羽先 (chicken wings) came from... chicken... e_e He thought that 天の川 (Ama-no-gawa, the Milky Way) was called 三途の川 (Sanzu-no-kawa, the Japanese Buddhist equivalent of the River Styx). Milky Way, River of Death, close enough n_n ...He's also forgotten to close his umbrella when entering a subway and has stood on the subway platform (SUBway, as in, underground) holding his opened umbrella while waiting for the train... Good job, Yaracchi, good job :3

It would be 100% impossible to talk about Yaracchi without mentioning the greatest love of his whole life: DANCE. Dance, dance, dance. Funnily enough, to begin with he wasn't that into dance at all, during his "cynical teenager" period. When Yaracchi was about 14-15 he unexpectedly saw some guys doing street dance and had a sudden realisation that this was something that he wanted to do. He completely threw himself into it from then on; he joined an extra dance school and became 'almost maniacally absorbed into it' (source). He was also somewhat dismissive of the standard Johnnys dance style - which, let's face it, is not on the same level as pro dancers at all. For a while, he felt frustrated at how lame he considered Johnnys-style dancing to be, and tried to rebel against it. He loves all kinds of dance, from jazz to house and all things in between. He used to go out and dance with friends - he's mentioned dancing for 7 hours in the parking lot of a closed store! He's weakest at tap (and always has been - in MA, ex-member Akiyama was always better at this) and even now Yaracchi is struggling to improve (source) but even though he's not 100% perfect he's somebody whose dance skills are totally admired in general - and who is admired further for constantly pushing himself to improve no matter what. More than being technically accurate, he wants to go a stage further and express emotion through dance as well (source). If you've seen his performance of 水の帰る場所 (Mizu no kaeru basho) you can judge for yourself how well he's succeeded there. Additionally, he knows he needs to work on his singing, and when his energy levels are low his voice/throat is the first thing to be affected so he often wears surgical face masks when not performing. To combat this, he periodically has singing lessons and also randomly going to karaoke and singing a lot to practice! (source) But, above all, dance is his biggest love. ♥

['Jr. RanKING! #1 best at dance is…?' SC 2002/01/20]

Yaracchi gets on with pretty much everyone he works with, although whether or not he makes long-lasting BFF friendships is another matter altogether. He gets on well with (and plays a kind of 'younger brother' act with) a bunch of senpai (both debuted and, when he was younger, with older Juniors too), and he has always been close with Machida Shingo and Yonehana Tsuyoshi (Musical Academy, ex-MA), and with Ohno Satoshi (Arashi, ex-MA). MA additionally all get on very, very well with Domoto Koichi. Yaracchi is on first-name terms with Kitayama Hiromitsu (Kis-My-Ft2) and also got on well with Yokoo Wataru and Fujigaya Taisuke around PLAYZONE 2009 (also Kis-My-Ft2). He calls Uchi Hiroki 'My Love' and coaches Uchi through the pain of trying to get ready to play the rival in Endless SHOCK. Uchi is basically in love with Yaracchi (as well as all the other people with whom Uchi is in love) - they are ridiculous-height-difference!BFFs throughout the whole of Shock, essentially. More people: he's been out for meals with Nishikido Ryo (Kanjani8), Imai Tsubasa (Tackey&Tsubasa) and Totsuka Shota (A.B.C-Z); he's friends with Igo Akun (ex-Question?) and Goseki Koichi (A.B.C-Z); he keeps in touch with Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN) and Ikuta Toma, and even randomly showed up at one two of Akanishi Jin's lives in the US while he was also over there. He's been out drinking with Higashiyama Noriyuki (Shonentai) and is particularly fond of Tatsumi Yudai (4U.) and Yamamoto Ryota (TheyBudou), both of whom he calls his brothers. Ryota is super-adorable in his love for Yaracchi. Yara's already met the parents, for one thing (source) and they used to practice dance and acrobatics together as well as hanging out, going to see plays (Machida's play, in fact) and occasionally eat together too. Then, of course, there's Tsukada Ryoichi and the rest of A.B.C-Z, the members of TheyBudou, Nakayama Yuma and the other members of the PLAYZONE cast (Morita Myuto admires him♥)... he goes fishing with (4U's) Fukuda Yuta sometimes, and more regularly with (Question?'s) Goto Hiromi, and so on ad infinitum. In fact, it's generally safer to assume more people do know him than not (although Morimoto Shintaro totally had no clue who he was when they first met, whoops, fail kouhai).

But Yaracchi doesn't want to be admired only within the company and by his fans. What's the point of being "good at dance" if people who are professional dancers don't recognise your work? 'I didn't want people who loved dance to say "You call that dancing?" to me,' he says (source). Yaracchi has now been to the US twice to study dance, and has improved greatly as a result. 'Yara,' says Travis Payne in the PLAYZONE 2010 DVD, 'is just such a joy to watch and such a pleasure to work with. […] Just to see the amount of growth that he's had personally […] is just amazing to me. […] He possesses a really unique ability, and I'm really happy that people are now getting to see that.'

Yaracchi is a strongly kinaesthetic learner - he learns and teaches by moving, by doing what he wants people to do, so they learn by his example. He's really not very good at explaining using words, lol - he's been on television saying 'elbow' while gesturing to a part of his arm that was not his elbow - so he does much better with practical demonstration, lol. Sometimes he choreographs this way, too - by dancing until he finds something that feels right for the song. Normally, however, his choreography grows from an image, or an idea, a feeling of "wouldn't it be awesome if I could do this" (source). Yara has 'a strange sense of pride and confidence' in his choreography (SCP 2010/06/18) and once you get him started talking about dance, he will go on at great length because it is something really, really important to him. He does this both in speech and in text - sometimes he'll ramble about a topic in his j-web only to get self-conscious about it and apologise for being too wordy. He used to bring dance videos in to watch on breaks (source); he would also listen to music on his headphones and quietly choreograph things on his breaks too (source). Rather than being the sort of person who will quietly hum a song, instead Yara is the sort of person who can be seen moving his hands or arms slightly, as though he's "humming" a dance; dance is something that's rarely far from his mind. ♥

SO, CHOREOGRAPHY! He's done choreo work for a whole bunch of people within Johnny's. Have a list:

☆ Arashi - One Love
☆ Arashi - Crazy Moon〜kimi wa muteki〜
☆ Arashi's Sakurai Sho - Hip Pop Boogie
☆ Arashi - Wild at Heart
☆ Kanjani8's Murakami Shingo (2007 tour) - Forward
☆ Kanjani8 - Brulée
☆ Kanjani8's Nishikido & Ohkura - torn
☆ Kanjani8 - Dye D?
☆ Kanjani8 - Water Drop
☆ Domoto Koichi (Mirror tour) - SNAKE
☆ KinKi Kids (2006-2007 tour) - Get it on
☆ Tackey & Tsubasa - Koakuma Juliet
☆ Domoto Koichi (Gravity tour) - Deepness
☆ Nakayama Yuma - Missing Piece
☆ Nakayama Yuma - Mizu no kaeru basho
☆ Nakayama Yuma - High Five
☆ Nakayama Yuma - so crazy
☆ Yaracchi also did the concert planning, choreography and directing for Kanjani8's 2008 tour.
☆ the Musical Academy dance segments on SCP? Yaracchi's 'dance plan'.
☆ same with the Yara & TheyBudou SCP performances
☆ most of the dance done by the dance group Butoukan was Yaracchi's choreo
☆ Yara has also done some choreo for Shonentai in their well-known stageplay PLAYZONE - invited by Higashiyama himself, no less(!)
☆ Yaracchi was assistant choreographer for 2012's Endless SHOCK.
☆ Yaracchi also choreographed 'Yoku asobi, yoku manabe' in PLAYZONE'13 and PLAYZONE→in NISSAY

Except Yaracchi isn't 'just' a dancer, or even 'just' a dancer and choreographer. He's danced and back-danced as part of Musical Academy for a whole host of things; he's sung & danced both as Butoukan's leader and as a solo artist on Shounen Club and as the main name in 'Yara Tomoyuki & TheyBudou' on Shounen Club and SCP (generally shortened to YaraThey), and has been in a whole ton of stage plays. Have another list! I have a sneaking suspicion this is incomplete; please let me know what I've forgotten.

★ (1997) KYO TO KYO
★ (1997) PLAYZONE'97 -RHYTHM II-
★ (1998) KYO TO KYO
★ (1998) PLAYZONE'98 -5 nights-
★ (1999) PLAYZONE'99 -Goodbye&Hello-
★ (2001) PLAYZONE'01 --EMOTION-
★ (2001) Christmas Box
★ (2001-2002) SHOWgeki SHOCK
★ (2002) PLAYZONE'02
★ (2002) My Mirage
★ (2002) Higashiyama Noriyuki DINNER SHOW
★ (2003) Aoki-san uchi no okusan (play ver.)
★ (2003) My Mirage II
★ (2004) Shocking SHOCK
★ (2004) A Midsummer Night's Dream
★ (2004) SUKAPAN Les Fourberies de Scapin
★ (2005) Endless SHOCK
★ (2005) PLAYZONE'05 -Twenty Years-
★ (2005) FAME
★ (2006) Endless SHOCK
★ (2006) NARUTO musical
★ (2006) FAME
★ (2007) DREAM BOYS 2007
★ (2008) Endless SHOCK (If you only watch one item out of this whole list, watch this SHOCK. No, really, he's incredible in it. /sobs)
★ (2008) PLAYZONE FINAL 1986-2008〜SHOW TIME Hit Series〜 Change
★ (2008) Grease
★ (2009) Endless SHOCK
★ (2009) PLAYZONE 2009 〜taiyou kara no tegami〜
★ (2010) Endless SHOCK
★ (2010) Takizawa Kabuki
★ (2011) Takizawa Kabuki
★ (2011) PLAYZONE'11 SONG & DANC'N.
★ (2012) Douke no Hitomi
★ (2013) Endless SHOCK
★ (2013) Johnnys' Ginza Live House
★ (2013) Song Writers
★ (2014) Endless SHOCK
★ (2014) PLAYZONE 1986....2014 ★Arigatou! ~Aoyama Gekijou★
★ (2014) Douke no Hitomi

He's also done some TV stuff, although admittedly not as much. Uh. Uhm.

☆ (2000) Densetsu no kyoshi
☆ (2001) Worst Date series # 15
☆ (2001, 2002) Ofukuro series
☆ (2001) [Shounen TYRE] GYPSY
☆ (2005) gekidan engimono # 10
☆ also old Junior shows from back in the day
★ (2009) CM! With Butoukan, Yaracchi advertised the cockroach-killer COMBAT. That's right.

PLUS, there's backdancing! MA can mostly be found backing for KinKi concerts (and Koichi's solo stuff) as well as V6's 2000 summer concert, old TOKIO live tours, and at Countdown concerts. Musical Academy also had their very own live concert in summer 2005, and more recently Yaracchi and Ryota were the only two Johnnys members to backdance for Koichi's Gravity concerts (which was amazing btw, watch it).

About MA… Yaracchi started doing more solo work throughout 2007, and since he chose to continue working on PLAYZONE after Shonentai-san left, for a while people wondered whether or not the group known as Musical Academy still existed. In magazines they usually list the group name after the member (so, 'Senga Kento (Kis-My-Ft2)') and they stopped doing that with Yaracchi - no (Musical Academy) after his name - but J-WEB grouped Machida, Yonehana and Yara's j-webs all together under MA until Yonehana left in summer 2012. Koichi referred to them all as MA in the 2011-2012 KinKi concerts. Yaracchi and Maachin both consider themselves solo artists now, but they are on very good terms still and occasionally mention each other, and to most of his fans Musical Academy is very definitely still Yaracchi's 'home group'. On the whole, though, Yaracchi seems content to be able to do things by himself, even if he isn't the type to push himself to the front and be the only star of the show - even in plays where he's had the lead role, he's rightfully stepped back and encouraged other people to share in his spotlight too.

But, after all this time, this guy's still a Junior…?

Well, sort of? Yes and no. He hasn't ~debuted~, but then neither has Ikuta Toma and neither has Kazama Shunsuke, and they're doing pretty well for themselves. While it was clearly a painful issue for him in the past, he appears to have drawn strength from what he knows he can do and is working hard to ensure that his skills can shine on stage. As long as he can continue to perform as a dancer, as an actor, as a singer - and when he's not performing, as long as he can continue to choreograph and continue to improve on his beloved dance and the other qualities he needs to be a successful artist (singing, acting), then isn't that a good thing?

Taichi: Have you ever given up on the thought of debuting?
Yara: Well, that -- I've thought it multiple times, and my heart's almost been devastated more than once, but… I'm aiming to make a really good dance team within Johnnys, it's always been my biggest aim. I want to do debut and get even more people to see my dancing and decide what they think.
Taichi: So debuting is… one of your aims?
Yara: To be frank, I think that's where the starting point is. So… well this might sound weird, but like, I think I'm not even at the start line yet.
[SCP 2010/06/18, o_e]

Personally, as an admittedly biased fan, I think debut is a) out of the question and b) would actually be a waste of his talents. He shines so brightly on stage, he's such a joy to watch and even now is growing with every show on which he works... He's a wonderful performer, so I truly hope that his popularity in that field continues to grow.

By the time you've reached this point (if you even got this far - I have a feeling most people will have given up when I started making lists) I hope you'll have realised what a talented and multifaceted individual Yara Tomoyuki is. YOU THINK HE'S AWESOME, RIGHT? I hope you do, or are at least a tiny bit interested. In the spirit of optimism, let's have some...


♡ CDJapan | Amazon.jp | YesAsia : yes, I know, don't give me that look. Johnny's won't know Yaracchi is worth giving work to if fans don't spend money on the stuff he does! /desperate fan.
If you have questions about how to buy things, I'll help where I can.
♡ loveandcoffee had been translating Niraikanai no Kaji, here's the masterpost of the older entries before j-web opened their official translated version of the service.
♡ enshinge translated earlier Nirakana updates too, and while you're at it check out the other things in her MA tag
♡ Binan no Nikki has old MAngekyou and Kindan no ToMAgoto translations (old j-web series)
♡ musical_academy has a MA pimp post/member intro
♡ diamondsjack has a slightly more updated MA pimp post
♡ liangzhu has a pimp post especially for Yamamoto Ryota which is totally relevant since Yamaryo is Yara's biggest fan.
♡ poseok has a Butoukan pimp post
♡ misosiru has a bunch of stuff relating to MA, too - index post here
♡ boys_paper has an MA tag although since the MU wipeout and the dying links on MF I can't guarantee anything will still be active...
♡ mix_madmade has been more active than the MA comm and also includes files and stuff on the other 'dance groups' - 4U., TheyBudou, "MAD", and MADE. This is worth knowing, because they are all sort of this amazing family of completely under-appreciated people. /pimp pimp pimp

Obviously, this post would not have been possible without the help of the Japanese fans who have shared information on fansites, the people who share videos and scans, and the people who put time and effort into translating and sharing their hard work. Permission to quote and link has been sought where possible, but please get in touch if there's something you're unhappy about pertaining to this post. If you think I've missed anything crucial, or even if you don't, feel free to leave a comment! More Yara love is always, always appreciated!
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