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[DVD] 【少年タイヤ】より - 「GYPSY」

Done iiiit~ A massive thanks to Carol for her equally-massive assistance♥

The Shibasaki couple are looking to turn a somewhat derelict location into their new home with the aid of a team of construction workers. However, this abandoned place is not quite as unoccupied as it first appears...
Original air date: between 2001/11/13 and 2001/12/18
DVD release date 2004
japanese wiki article

Original by: Yokouchi Kensuke
Screenplay: Habara Daisuke
Director: Oone Hitoshi

(order & group name as on DVD case)

Higashiyama Noriyuki (Shonentai) (husband) -- "Shibasaki Takashi" (age 34)
Konishi Manami (wife) -- "Shibasaki Hideko" (age 27)
Rokkaku Seiji (construction worker) -- "Kan-san"
Aiba Masaki (Arashi) (construction worker) -- "Roku"
Kawahara Sabu (nomad family grandfather) -- "Toku"
Arima Jiyuu (nomad family father) -- "Takemashi"
Nakahara Misayo (nomad family mother) -- "Asa"
Machida Shingo (MA) (nomad family oldest son) -- "Ushio"
Yonehana Tsuyoshi (MA) (nomad family second son) -- "Tamaki"
Yara Tomoyuki (MA) (nomad family third son) -- "Shigeru"
Tatsumi Yudai (Johnny's Junior) (nomad family fourth son; fortune-teller) -- "Akira"
Nagano Hiroshi (V6) -- part-time convenience store clerk
Uekusa Katsuhide (Shonentai) -- the foreman/construction site supervisor

Length: 69min (all 4 episodes in one file)
Dimensions/file size: 720x416 / 1.47Gb

MF: [ .001 || .002 || .003 || .004 || .005 || .006 || .007 || .008 ]

use hjsplit (or equivalent) to join split files

Yes there is a password for the first file - individual files are so easily-searchable via google. The password is: tender

If you want to use this for subbing purposes, let me know?

edit 2012/02/23: links re-upped. If any of them die, drop a comment and I'll re-up again ♥
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