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"I want to read a Yaracchi pimp post, Pippa," says Joo.
"You should write a Yaracchi pimp post, Pippa," says Nanami.
"...But...!" says Pippa.
"Write it!" says everyone.

Peer pressure, I am weak to it.

Things You Should Probably Know About Yaracchi
(and also a whole bunch more stuff)

屋良 朝幸 : (やら・ともゆき : Yara Tomoyuki) : Yaracchi

Born on: 1983/02/01 (age: 31)
AB blood-type.

Height: open to debate. He claimed it was 165cm for years, then was busted as being shorter, so 163cm? (Except I am not certain that's true either... 8D) His height was an issue of concern for him for a while - he stopped growing in middle school but used to drink milk every day (believing that it would help him grow). For the record: Yara is not short! His awesome is just more highly-concentrated, okay. 8|

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Obviously, this post would not have been possible without the help of the Japanese fans who have shared information on fansites, the people who share videos and scans, and the people who put time and effort into translating and sharing their hard work. Permission to quote and link has been sought where possible, but please get in touch if there's something you're unhappy about pertaining to this post. If you think I've missed anything crucial, or even if you don't, feel free to leave a comment! More Yara love is always, always appreciated!
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Intro post! [ver. 8]


I am done with Johnnys for the time being and will no longer be updating this LJ or participating in J&A fandom. Sorry to anyone who was hoping I would upload scans :)

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[屋良] クーガン

[scans] YaraTheyYuma summer!PZ'14 original/offshot photo sets

I scanned these last weekend (because some of them are risakochan's sets since I couldn't buy them all) but only just managed to find time to finish editing them today. So here we are, the first photo sets from this summer's Playzone!

In today's bundle of excitement we have Yaracchi's set (B), Yuma's set (C), Ryota's set (H), HayaSho's set (I) and Eda's set (J).

[Mega & 4S]Mega & 4S

☆ As always: no credit, no claiming credit, buy the stuff!!, spread the love ♥ etc. etc. etc. Feel free to flail at me if you think they look good because I think they look really good and I want to flail (._.)
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Random Playzone videos! Watch the dance family without downloading a whole butai DVD :D

So I promised a couple of people that I would share some video cuts of Yaracchi/the dance family, and I got permission from a couple of other friends who made cuts of various Playzones (some subbed and some not), sooooo~ tell me if there are any problems :3

Playzone 2013; Mizu no kaeru basho (Nakayama Yuma, Yara Tomoyuki)
This one still makes me get teary-eyed every time I watch it. Yaracchi's choreography. I can't words enough for this one, it's just. Yes.

Playzone 2011; Yumegokochi (4U and TheyBudou)
Nostalgic ♥

Playzone 2011; Charge (Yara Tomoyuki, Yamamoto Ryota, Takahashi Ryu, Tatsumi Yudai, Koshioka Yuki, Kato Yukihiro and Morita Myuto)
Ahaha two of these people aren't in the agency any more (._.) But this was basically the first number in which I got to see Yaracchi as the lead singer live and it fills me with happy and they are so cute dancing on stairs and just, ;; ♥

Playzone 2012; Toshi-chan medley (whole Playzone cast minus Tsubasa & Yuma)
I love this one a lot. Rin and I made an AU about a bar named Euphoria (U4ia lol) because of this dance number :D

Playzone 2012; Manatsu no yoru no hana (Yaracchi & 4U & TheyBudou & "MAD")

Playzone 2012; Yume no tsudzuki de (Yaracchi & They Budou)
...in the shower. Second hand embarrassment abounds. idk.

Playzone 2013; Hattoshite!Good (Yamamoto Ryota, Fukuda Yuta, Koshioka Yuki, Ikeda Yu, Matsumoto Kouta)
IT'S SO BOUNCY AND CUTE. They are wonderful. Guaranteed to brighten any crappy day. ♥

Playzone 2012; Guys PLAYZONE (whole cast)
iconic. They dance their asses off.

If you watch any of these, let me know what you think? :D? There are so many more awesome clips, I just didn't want to put entire DVDs' worth of stuff in one post |D;; If you have to get one PZ and one PZ only, then I might dare to recommend Playzone'12 Song & Danc'n. part II but honestly they're all fantastic T^T ♥

You can buy them! Not only on Amazon, but also on CDJapan and YesAsia and any other reputable DVD resaler that deals with Japanese DVDs.

☆ PLAYZONE 2011 || PLAYZONE 2012 || PLAYZONE 2013 ☆

Also don't forget, if you want to know anything else about the dance family, you can head over to mix_madmade comm ♥

P.S. I do update about my own life sometimes, I promise. Sometimes.
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[scans] ??? magazines and Nissay!PZ offshot shop photos and stuff idk

So in true Pippa fashion, because I am home sick from work today, when I wasn't lying on my back staring at the ceiling, I was cleaning dust off scans. En route home from work today an old man actually stood up to give me his seat(!!) and also a well-intentioned elderly couple told me to ganbatte kudasai! so I guess I looked about as good as I felt? lol Anyway I have been going to hospital for rehabilitation stuff so uh, sorry to those of you to whose emails I have not yet responded, I've been sort of out of it this week tbh. T__T

Sooooooo, today's confusion is this: I found in my folders a bunch of Yuma scans from like April which apparently I never shared? Only I SWEAR I did. I must have dreamt it.
Also some recent magazines, too. Alright, let's see what today's scans post has for us...


- duet 2014.05
- Fine Boys 2014.05
- Hanako vol.1062
- Potato 2014.05
- Qlap! 2014.05
- Stage Square vol.8
- TV Fan Cross vol.10
- VoCE 2014.07
- Wink Up 2014.05
- Wink Up 2014.06
- with 2014.07

[Mega & 4S]Mega & 4S

PLAYZONE in NISSAY (Jan 2014) offshot shop photos

- Yara (complete set)
- Ryota (complete set)
- mixed, Yuma, TraJa anigumi (incomplete sets/only a couple of each)

[Mega & 4S]Mega & 4S

Haven't had the chance to fix up the others yet.

Dance family in magazines

- Stage Square vol.8 (Shock report)
- Wink Up 2014.06 (4U)
- Wink Up 2014.06 (They Budou)

[Mega & 4S]Mega & 4S

I don't want credit but I do want a new robot body that can't feel pain, will anybody give me one of those?

Or, failing that, please buy the stuff to support the boys (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:¥¥・゚¥✧¥¥¥
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[scans] Dance Square vol.1 (dance family pages only)

wooh the LJ update page is all weird and big. ugh what am I even doing

So, like, I feel kind of bad about this because 「Dance SQUARE」 literally just went on-sale on the 27th for the first time ever and here I am sharing scans (._.) People please please please if you at all can buy the magazine so that they can get decent sales figures, especially for this first issue because 4U are actually really for real on the cover!! (and it's not a dokkiri after all, like Fukuchan half-suspected)...

I didn't scan the poster though, because I don't have the time/energy to stick scans together like that. 4U pages, and Yuma/Dance family Crea pages all in a .zip found below. NOTE: They Budou don't have pages for Johnnys Ginza Crea reports because of when the magazine was finalised for publication, not because of magazine discrimination.

[this way / this way]this way / this way
Also I stupidly accidentally scanned everything at 600dpi so they're way too big and I'm too sleepy to resize them, sorry.

Next scans post will include more Yuma mags, plus all the dance family Nissay!Playzone shop photos (once I get to the JShop and buy Hayashi's/the rest of Yuma's).

☆ As always: no credit, no claiming credit, buy the stuff!!, spread the love ♥ etc. Comments make me less sad and lonely; any language OK!
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[scans] YaraRyo Shock stage photo release 3 & 4; 4U photosets & stage photos

Yay I finally had time to scan the last round of stage photos for 2014's Endless SHOCK!!

Also, thanks to other people asking me to buy 4U photos and scan them on their behalf, we also have the remainder of the 4U photos! Kosshi's photo set and one of his stage photos can be found in this post.

SO. Today marks the end of the Endless SHOCK scans! Unless Valerie asks me to scan Kishi's photos too...

In the .zip today, we have:
- Tatsu's photo set
- Fukuchan's photo set
- Matsu's photo set
- 23 stage photos of 4U members (all releases)
- 4 stage photos of Yaracchi & Ryota (3rd and 4th releases)

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Additionally, in case anyone was interested in Yuma's new single and things, join his comm :D

So now Tokyo SHOCK is over... What's Yaracchi going to do next? :<
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[scans] Shock stage photos 2nd round

All night long 僕と踊ろうよ Da-da-da-da-dance! I am in a Shock mood for serious now, Shock Shock Shock Shock Shock Shock Shock. Guys I know I always say it but SHOCK IS SO GOOD LIKE SERIOUSLY SO GOOD. I would do anything for a DVD of Yaracchi's Shock, especially now that Uchi fans finally have an Uchi version. Anyway, these are the ones for Yaracchi and Ryota that were released sometime last week. I remember a guy walking past me to take photos of Koichi last weekend, lol.

5 photos total:
- 2 Yaracchi & Koichi,
- 2 Yaracchi
- 1 Ryota

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☆ As always: no credit, no claiming credit, buy the stuff, spread the love ♥ etc. Comments make me less sad and lonely :D?

edit: oh hey apparently this was my 777th journal entry. That's gotta be lucky, right? XD;
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[scans] Shock stuff & magazines (Yaracchi, Ryota, random 4U etc.)

So I was up late last night scanning the Endless SHOCK '14 photosets and then the stage photos which were released on 2/13, and then bessatsu +act was released today and I had to scan it today too, so I dug up some of the older mags that I never scanned too, from like, PZ and pre-Shock and so on. I didn't scan some of the Koichi pages b/c I assumed Koichi-tan have already shared them. Ugh I am sick and trying really hard to get better and not worse, wish me luck.

別冊+act vol15 1cuta
(from bessatsu +act)

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☆ As always: no credit, no claiming credit, buy the stuff, spread the love ♥ and maybe comment?