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originally written: 2009/08/23; updated: 2011/12/18

This has turned from 'brief Ueda introduction post for an LJ friend' to 'actual pimp post' and oh god, there is so much here. Hello! There is plenty more I have not included here so please don't expect this to be wholly comprehensive.

Beginner's Guide to Loving
Ueda Tatsuya

Let's begin!Collapse )

...and join captain_u or watch uedaaday~ :D

Credits for information, scans, translations etc.: たっちゃんのカケラ, 上田竜也のBOXING ROOM, snowaltz/konoaida@LJ, jone_records@LJ, SleepyUeda, daphuni@LJ, captain_u@LJ, creamy_amande@LJ, drphoenix@LJ, _rainbowtears_@LJ, mamechichii@LJ, resha_hime@LJ, tsukimichi, people at KAL and on baidu. Thank you!!

Other places and posts worthy of note:
Taguchi Junnosuke~
orewajoker - Tanaka Koki fan community
Nakamaru Yuuichi~
Kobayashi Ryoko!
Tags: fandom logic!!, got dat boom boom pow, my brain is all breaky, oh god i am so sorry, the cuteness it blinds, this post is public, this post needs its own special tag, um what, up up and 上!, what a ~feeling~ whoa-ohh, you like ueda your opinion is invalid
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I love Ueda Tatsuya to pieces!!! I've always been amazed of the things he can do and the different facets of his character. I would have stalked him and asked him to marry me if I'm still single. LOL! Thanks for all these information.
WoW, thanks you did a really great job >w< You must have put a lot effort to write about our lovely Tatchan, it's so full of details and interesting news . Ano...can i ask for your permission to translate some information here into my language cause i really want to spread Tatchan love. Of course i'll put your name in the credit part so please alow me * blink*
Sorry this reply is late!

I'm not normally okay with people translating this post, since I often update it (like today) and prefer when people can write their own posts... ^^ But, I suppose it's not a problem if you want to translate it, in the end♥♥♥
I did not know that this existed O____o

It's awesome!!!!!! :D

haha I pimped it back in '09 when it first went up but I didn't really link it around much after that I guess XD Gosh, August 2009, was that really over two years ago already... o_o;
I love how you keep on updating this post! Love it so much!
You did good xD
Why do I only see this now!? D:
Hmmm... I've been a fairy for almost three years already and I really thought I knew everything that his fan should know but I am wrong. LEARNED NEW STUFF ABOUT HIM!
Thanks for sharing this~
Will put this to memories!
Actually crying, Joji linked me to this today and I remember reading it back when you first posted it. ♥ you write the best pimp posts, seriously.
I just starting love ueda hhehe.. thank you for your information :D
am I allowed to navigate this post on my Ueda archive community? (although it is still under construction :>)
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